Frequently Asked Questions

If after placing your order, you want to change any details in your shipping address, you will need to email us right away at info@washprocy.com with your order number and the details you need to change or add. You must do this within an hour from ordering. After that time it might be too late to make the change for you and you will have to contact your local ACS to arrange pick up. WE WON'T BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING.
Yes! EB Kicks also works on hats, bags, heels, purses, jackets and much more. Note: We suggest to use our sponge on softer materials.
We know how important your order is, so we aim to fulfill orders as quickly as possible! If your order was shipped, unfortunately we can't cancel your order, if it wasn't shipped we will be able to refund your money (refunds can take up to 2 business days), please email us at info@washprocy.com.
For leather shoes  /jackets we suggest to use our sponge. Please see our tutorial videos.
For hats we suggest to use our sponge. please see our tutorial videos.
For suede shoes we suggest to use our brush for the sole of the shoe and our sponge for the top. Please see our tutorial videos.
WASHPRO is made from natural oils is 100% biodegradable.

WashPro works on leather, nylon, suede, canvas, vinyl. Removes grass stains, grease, oil, blood, grime, ed clay dirt and much more.

Yellowing happens due to a process called oxidatio, Oxidation is the combination of a substance with oxygen. Sadly, when your icy soles exposed to oxygen they turn yellow. You can prevented but you can make the process last longer by keeping your shoes clean.